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Should the Client wish to cancel the booking at any time, Notice of Cancellation must be given in writing to I Do Wedding Cars, by letter or email. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that I Do Wedding Cars has received this notice.

The date of the cancellation will be deemed to be the date I Do Wedding Cars receives written Notice of Cancellation, as confirmed by I Do Wedding Cars. In such circumstance, the Client will be liable to pay I Do Wedding Cars the following sums:- Within 14 days of booking, no fees payable. A refund of any booking fees paid will be given.

Notice received 12 months prior to the wedding date:- Booking fee only, paid on booking, which is non refundable. Noticed received less than 12 months, but more than 6 months:- 50% of the agreed balance will be payable. Notice received less than 6 months, but more than 3 months before:- 75% of the agreed balance will be payable. Notice received 3 months or less:- 100% of the agreed balance will be payable.

Where an event is postponed until a later date, & subject to the alternative date being available, I Do Wedding Cars will retain any fees paid & confirm the new Event Date, Time & Services to the Client. Such action will result in the termination of this contract & the start of a new one. Extra costs may be incurred as dictated by the change of circumstances.

Whilst every effort is made to provide the vehicle booked, I Do Wedding Cars reserves the right to substitute vehicles in the event of unforeseen mechanical failure of other circumstances beyond our control.

If the car booked becomes unavailable for any reason on the date booked, we will offer a full refund. Our total liability will be limited to the deposit, & any balance paid prior to the date of cancellation by us.

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